Upcoming Conventions
Past Conventions
Albums / photo dumps on Facebook from past conventions:
✪ May 21, WNC Comicon, Asheville, NC (pending...)
✪ May 14, Atomacon, Charleston, SC (loading...)
✪ April 9-10: SC Comicon, Greenville, SC
Mar 26-27, Banzaicon, Columbia, SC
Mar 19: Power Comicon, Florence, SC
Feb 26: Captains Comic Expo, Charleston, SC
Jan 15-16: Ichibancon 12, Concord, NC
◌ (Remainder of 2020 Canceled for the Pandemic)
Feb 14-15, NashiCon, Columbia, SC
Feb 8, Heroes Charlotte Minicon, Charlotte, NC
✪ Jan 11-12, Ichibancon, Charlotte, NC
Dragon Con, Atlanta, GA

The remainder of these are offline, but if you think I may have gotten a picture of you, please let me know.
✪ Dragon Con, Atlanta, GA
✪ Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA
✪ Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA
✪ Origins, Columbus, OH (2D only)

✪ Dragon*Con, Atlanta, GA
✪ Origins, Columbus, OH
I attended cons prior to 2010, but primarily as a board gamer / game designer rather than as a photographer, so I have no photo dumps from those.
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